The Yamaha e-bike System

Several of our e-bikes make use of Yamaha-manufactured systems - in particular, the PW Series.

PW Series:

'Smooth and Powerful'

The Yamaha PW series was designed to be smooth and powerful. They consist of 4 key components:

Drive Unit:

The PW series has been designed as a center mount system, for two main reasons - the bike's original gearing can be linked into the e-bike system, allowing for optimal motor performance. Secondly, the centralisation of mass gives the e-bike a natural weight balance while riding, and superior weight distribution when stopped. Yamaha have succeeded in making one of the world's smallest and lightest drive units - the motor power is provided via a direct transmission to the crankshaft, resulting in a minimalist, yet beautiful design.  The high-power motor offers a generous amount of low-down torque, giving you extremely potent electrical assistance under the harshest conditions, such as hills and gravel roads. The triple sensor system enables the smooth and powerful nature of the PW series - a torque sensor detects pedalling power, a speed sensor monitors the e-bike's speed, and a crank sensor detects the number of pedal rotations. These 3 sensors work together to provide continuous assistance under every riding condition. With a strong focus on the 'organic' feeling of cycling, the PW series offers the perfect ride for bicycle enthusiasts and every day riders alike.

Main Switch:

There are 2 types of main switch available - the "LED 3-way digital display main switch", and the "LCD multi function drive controller". The latter is designed for, and has all the specs to satisfy, all forms of riding. A vertical display keeps information highly visible, and the attachment mechanism is ergonomically designed to make it easy to take on and off. The display can also be controlled without taking your hands off the handlebars - this means a smoother and safer ride. You can also turn on walking assist, and remove the display to prevent theft. Sport-focused riders can monitor their cadence with the cadence meter. 4 assist modes are available to suit every rider - "High" (provided a constant and powerful assist) "STD" (satisfies both power and cruising range) "ECO" (saves energy for an extended cruising range) and "OFF" (Allows you to ride without power assist while switch functions remain active).

Battery + Charger:

The battery pack can be installed in 1 of 2 locations - either down-tube or rear carrier. The battery has a large capacity cell, and it lasts long. Over-charging does not damage the battery pack's recharging functionality. Thanks to the dual fitment design of the battery, bike manufacturers are able to use the PW Series in all sorts of different bikes to suit all types of riders, from commuters to sport riders. The charger is a robust unit that is designed for high-speed charging.

> More information can be found at Yamaha's website.