How to use the Product Comparison Tool

For your convenience, EPOWER bikes has included a special feature on our website - the Product Comparison Tool. This will allow you to put your favourite e-bikes side by side in order to compare their specifications and see which e-bike suits you best. 

For example, you may be looking for a particularly lightweight e-bike - simply add the e-bikes you like the look of to the Product Comparison Tool, then you can quickly and easily check which one out the e-bikes you have selected is the lightest.

It's really easy to use the Product Comparison tool - we've broken the process down into 3 simple steps, as you can see below.

Step 1

While you are on any one of the 'Shop' pages, move your mouse over an e-bike you are interested in. You will see two coloured buttons appear. The one you want to click on is on the right hand side, and says 'Add to compare'. Click on this button, and the e-bike in question will be added to the Product Comparison tool.

Once you have clicked the button, you are free to continue browsing our range of e-bikes, but please note that you can only add a maximum of 4 e-bikes to the Product Comparison tool at any one time.

Step 2

Once you have selected all of the e-bikes you wish to compare, go ahead and click the 'Compare' button. This is found at either the top or the bottom of any of the 'Shop' pages. On the 'Compare' button, you will also see a number - this number shows the amount of e-bikes you have added to the Product Comparison tool. This will direct you to a new page.

Step 3

This is the Product Comparison tool. It has several different features which you may find useful.

First and foremost is the large table featuring the e-bikes you selected for comparison. Along the top, you will see a picture of each e-bike, as well some extra buttons; 'Add to cart' will add the e-bike directly to your shopping cart from this screen, 'View' will take you directly to that e-bike's full product page, and 'Remove from compare' will eliminate the e-bike from the Product Comparison tool, freeing up it's spot for another e-bike.

You can also share your comparison with your friends via various social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. To do this, navigate to the top left of the table to find the green boxes. Click on the social network you want to share your comparison on - you may be asked to log in to these services if and when a small window pops up. You can share with multiple social networks, but you must do this one share after another.

When you're done using the Product Comparison tool, you can easily return to the shopping screen by clicking the button that says 'Continue Shopping' at the bottom of the screen.