Why buy an ebike


All of our e-bikes feature an advanced motor manufactured by either Bosch or Yamaha - the motor electronically assists your pedalling, enabling you to comfortably reach speeds of 15 MPH.


Traditional Cycling takes a lot more effort on your part - often, you'll arrive at work after a long commute all hot and sweaty. If your place of work doesn't have shower facilities (or the equivalent) then you're sure to be in for an uncomfortable day, particularly if you're stuck wearing a suit and tie in a stuffy board room. Our e-bikes make cycling much more relaxing for you, allowing you to cruise along at a fast pace with less effort than you're used to. Get to work and still feel refreshed!


Nearly every cyclist dreads the uphill climb - the steeper the hill, the worse it gets. Our e-bikes sort this problem out instantly - the motor gives you the power boost you need to get up the hill without issue. With one of our e-bikes, you might even look forward to the uphill climb! 


According to EU law, e-bikes are classified in a similar manner to traditional cycles - that means you don't have to pay any insurance, road tax, or even wear a helmet (though we do recommend you do the latter!) You also don't need a licence to ride an e-bike, meaning you can still ride even if you've been disqualified from driving.


Our e-bikes are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. They cost very little to 'refuel' - common estimates put the costs at between 3 and 7 pence for a full recharge, with a range of approximately 35 to 70 miles per charge. Charges are quick as well - approximately 3 hours. Compare this to even a cheap-to-run car or motorcycle, where you'll be paying far more in petrol costs alone. That's not even taking into account maintenance costs


Our e-bikes are naturally emission free, meaning you'll be helping to save the environment with every mile you ride. You could even go one step further and try and charge your e-bike with renewable energy (for example, from a wind turbine) you could be a true greenie.